Friday, 25 March 2011


Two anectdotes to mention on this lovely Friday afternoon

Today the Fuddled Medic went to see the Dentist, this is something that scares the living daylights out of her. Whilst being prodded and poked the FM was asked what she thought of the NHS reforms. Unable to answer the Dentist proceeded to state that as well as medicine he recommended medical students do another degree in business studies due to how things are proceeding. The FM wants to be a doctor, not a businessman.

Yesterday the FM asked the consult she was shadowing if they were on the health care of the elderly ward. The consultant whispered in my ear that all medical wards eventually become geriatric wards.

The FM isn't a business person but she knows that caring for the elderly is expensive business, and judging by how a considerable quantity of private care homes are run making profit and high quality health care of the elderly wards probably aren't hand in hand

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  1. Like all of your useful medical knowledge, business is something you may have to pick up when you need to. If you are a hospital doc, you probably won't need it. If you a re going to be a full time partner and / or single handed GP then that's a different story!
    It's not difficult compared to medicine - I mean look at any hospital manager - just that you have to think "running a corner shop" rather than just stressing over missing a vital diagnosis. Joy!