Friday, 23 September 2011

Ten days...

..since I last posted. This is because the FM is getting stressed. Finals are in Febuary, people are starting to loose there heads.

Am hoping to keep plodding along, doing a little and often.

In other news a patient told me she was going to send a postcard to her relatives as she was in hospital. This was because most partcards are sent to annoy people - hahaha i'm in a nice warm place whereas your stuck in a place where its raining.

Here argument was that this could be reversed - her relatives would get a postcard pointing out how luck there were not to be in a place that was prett shit

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Radio 4

The Fuddled Medic likes Radio 4, in particular she likes listening to some of the comedy programs whilst doing some work. Yesterday she started to to learn/revise about gout and other interesting things whilst listening to the News quiz. Other gems include Just a minute and Test match special.

Whilst listening to the News quiz the NHS bill came up for discussion/mocking. One of the panellist issued a challeng to anyone from a private health company.

Go to Accident and Emergency at three o clock in the morning and volunteer to do a better job

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Theatre and Gravity

Chatted to someone in theatre today who was more junior then I was. Asked her if she knew any complications of theatre. She did - falling of the bed.

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Students and Reforms

I seem to be in the minority of medical students when I state I'm against the NHS reforms. Thats not true actually, most dont care. I should care more but I am not perfect, like most other students I care more about passing exams and finding patients with mitral regurgitation etc so that I can pass OSCEs as well.

Although unlike most of my college I also try very hard to have a life outside of medicine - it gets harder and harder.

But onto NHS reforms, its very hard to argue with fellow students when they point out the nice shiny building there sitting in built due to the PFI is a lot nicer for them and patients then the old, crumbling hospital building. And being cynical I think a huge proportion of them are looking to how much more money they could potentially earn under a future change- very shortsighted.

I have also found that people in favour of privatisation tend to be those people that can afford it.