Thursday, 22 March 2012

Being Nice

"Why should we be nice to patients Fuddled?"

Because it helps them engage with the medical professionals and gives them a better experience?

"There's that, but also patients don't put in complaint's about people they like."


"You doctors are shit from taking blood from me," stated one patient. When this happens we smile and apologise profusely. Perhaps we should put our public health into practice and simply state it because your fat?

Friday, 16 March 2012


for the comments, it is appreciated. Life continues.

Resit is on the second of May. The FM got 68% in the OSCE, this time it shall be 80%. That is her latest goal. The pass mark was 50% - just dumb luck in one or two station. But she has got feedback, she will improve.

As a result of the above her elective in Australia has been cut short by three weeks. However she has some time free from May 7 onwards, for three weeks. Am planning to do a mini elective in this country to do with paediatrics. Any thoughts/ideas/contacts would be appreciated.

In other news a patient was categorised today as a "recurrent faller." Probably will never be able to get rid of that tag

Saturday, 10 March 2012


The FM is drunk, therefore this post will probably not be coherent. She has Failed Finals. She passed two out of three exams. In the one she failed she failed three OSCE station, you are allowed to fail two. If she had got 15/30 on the radiology station and not 14/30 she would be DR FUDDLED MEDIC. Shit

And some people managed to pass finals without even picking up a patient into anaphylactic shock. The FM failse because she could not quite tell the difference between a massive pleural effusion and consolidation and then started to stutter.

Hopefully a post coming up soon with some REFLECTION, that indicate REFLECTIVE PRACTICE is going on

Sunday, 4 March 2012

The Apprentice

is what the FM is doing at the moment whilst she anxiously awaits the release of results for FINALS! CAPITAL LETTERS TO HIGHLIGHT HOW IMPORTANT THIS IS!!!

So she is shadowing an FY1 on a stroke rehabilitation ward (or as the logbook would rather me say - "be an integrated and valued member of the healthcare professional team/ more bullshit.") So she is shadowing and realising how little she knows, the FM success rate for taking bloods and putting in cannulas etc has taken a bit of a nose dive. But come August, she will be it! No more running, crying to the FY1 asking for help, because that WILL BE MORE (more capital letters).

The FM is supposed to do a reflection on the week that has just gone past. Perhaps pointing out that one FY1 to look at 16 patients (who despite it being a rehab ward, are all sick developing sepsis, pleural effusions, randomly dropping platelets to 31, get UTI's, have falling haemoglobins etc), is just plain DANGEROUS!.

Or perhaps a statement that she is shit scared?