Saturday, 19 March 2011


Earlier on this blogs historyI posted about acronyms, here is another one.
What can LOC stabd for?


  1. It also stands for something else, something in obstetrics

  2. Quite often I have no idea what the various abbreviations I read in patients' records mean. Please learn from this post and avoid all these silly acronyms.

    Now what on earth did you have in mind with LOC?

    level of consciousness
    loss of consciousness
    laxative of choice
    level of care
    Local Organising Committee
    locus of control
    lateral occipital complex
    lateral olivocochlear
    limit of confirmation
    liquid organic compound
    Local Optometric Committee
    locus coeruleus
    Locus of Control Scale
    loss of control
    lower oesophageal contractility

    Or something else?

    See what I mean. Don't use them. Please.

  3. I quite agree. During a tutorial on CTGs LOC was written at apoint of deceleration. We put this down to the patient loosing consciousness, this caused a bit of confusing until the reg pointed out it can stand for loss of connection of the leads.

    On another day I spent a significant amount of time trying to decipher someone notes with another student. There were so many and we got so absorbed we spent five minutes trying to work out what DR was. Then we deciphered the word next to it and realised it was a name

  4. Is the fuddled medic male or female? Seems to vary from post to post.