Thursday, 17 March 2011


As part of my training the FM gets sent to different hospital sites, who do things differently to one another.

At hospital B everything is timetabled, you rock up on your first day and they give you a timetable with all the clinics assigned to you, times of lectures, days with other specialities etc. If a clinic you were down to attend gets cancelled you tell the administrator and they rearrange another one for you. They seem to take pride in how organised they are and how much they do for the students.

At hospital C you turn up and are given a list of phone numbers and told which consultants you are assigned to. It is then up to you to find out when clinics are on and to sign up to things.

I accept that medical students should be quite proactive in doing things for themselves, but I am sceptical as to how one hospital is able to provide more timetables and look after you better then another.

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