Tuesday, 1 July 2014


One problem with hospital medicine is the increasing specialisation. This means that we know more and more about less and less.

Sometimes there will be a situation when juniors in a particular speciality know more about a particular problem then the registrar/consultant.

Hence when I am asked to ring the haematologist to discuss a platelet count of 700 in a person when they had an operation one week ago I roll my eyes in disbelief.

For the tenth time I ring haematology to be told the answer I got last week. They have had an operation and are therefore in a pro inflammatory state. Thus, this is normal. Please don't call us unless it goes above 1000.

But I am an FY2 so if I say this I am ignored.

Saturday, 28 June 2014



But I am going to start writing again. I mean if Max over at the telegraph can write a few letters and then get a job publishing articles then surely I can do it to?

I mean I even once got mentioned, inadvertently in the guardian!

So newspapers around the globe, I am happy for YOU to employ me.

Anyway, better write an article first.

I am going into GP training, that is if I manage to fill in all the paperwork that needs to be generated and pass my ARCP.

I am going into GP because I consider myself a generalist. People ask each other if there "more medical," or which speciality they are. I do not want to be that. I am a DOCTOR and I look after patients, not there ears or eyes, or bowels or mental state, but the patient.

Right, that'll do for now!