Tuesday, 1 March 2011


I have only seen a little bit of "Junior Doctor - Your life in their hands." What little I saw annoyed me, why on earth anyone would want to be shadowed by a camera crew whilst doing this job is beyond me.

Plus the music irritated me, seemed to make the job glamorous which it certainly is not.

Apparently though (I did not see this bit), one doctor had not performed a PR whilst in medical school, (The FM has done one). I thought this was something you had to get signed off to say you were competant to do?


  1. You'd think. That said, I have never performed an NG tube insertion or female catheterisation since med school. Too late for it now.

  2. I didn't learn much about doing anything useful in medical school. You'll find you get most of your XP hands on in the first year or 2. I never learned to suture until I was on my last SHO job (my 7th) in A&E.
    But then like certain others in the blogosphere, I am a dinosaur.

  3. Like Single Female Doc I learned most practical skills in my HO and SHO posts.

    PR examination and venepuncture and citing an intervenous cannula were well taught (and practised) at medical school. But suturing, catheterisation, NG tubes, chest drains, pacing wires, subclavian lines etc were all learnt "on the job"