Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Themes and Work

Tonight I shall do an hour or so of work. However unlike the last time I did some work I shall actually enjoy myself as I dont need to worry about exams and the question of "Will this come up in exams?" won't be a problem.

In other news, its 2011. Already I have, out of habit, put the date down as 2010. Sigh.

So what are your new years resolutions then Fuddled Medic? I hea you cry!

Dont have any, but are some non-specific goals for 2011.

1)Work Smarter, I have a system that works for me, I set myself a goat of working say, 2.5 hours withing a 3 hour timeslot. When exams are coming up I plan my revision day to the tilt. If I can do this a bit more whilst generally working during the term I should have more saved time.

2) Do roughly the same amount of exercise as I did last year but try and eat a bit more fruit and veg. Or just go home more and let the parents cook lovely food for me.

3) Stop Swearing. From Monday next week I shall donate a small sum of money to charity everytime I swear.

Take care dear readers

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