Monday, 10 January 2011


Medicine is full of people slagging of other specialities and trying to encourage people to join their discipline. One I heard today was about paediatrics and was that you only saw four types of patients - "Shitters, Pissers, Fitters and Wheezers."


  1. It's so bad isn't it! I spent the afternoon with a urology registrar a few months ago who, when I mentioned I had been to dermo went "ugh! dermo! its right down the bottom of the medical careers ladder along with gyne"... meanwhile I'd just spent the afternoon watching him show men how to get "one up" with urethral inserts!

  2. I dont mind it to be honest, they can be quite funny, but only to an extent. The above was said by a paediatrician and I know some dermatologist who said all they did was wet dry skin and dry wet skin