Monday, 17 January 2011


I have seen nothing by David Cameron that fills me with confidence about the future NHS reforms.

But enough of what I think, here I copy and paste some readers comment that I agree with as I cant be bothered to say anthing original about the topic

"This is a gamble because he expects there to be no unfortunate mistakes - embarrassing anomalies etc when the conservatives are transferring 80bn of expenditure in a very short period of time, to multiple consortia. Any decent management consultant will tell you mistakes will be made."

And think of all the paperwork, logo etc that will be generated.

"Now the tories want to replace 150 PCTs with up to 500-600 GP run consortiums. Unless you want your GP spending all day with their head down over a budget spreadsheet or typing up a service level agreement then each one of these will need it's own army of bureaucrats."

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