Saturday, 13 November 2010


All doctors (or potential doctors) should be able to teach there subject to medical students or to other doctors. Myself and some colleagues have actually already discussed how we might be considered when we do this. Most of the girls want to be seen as kind and caring. Others are tempted to be horrible to every other student/group and nice to the rest to mess everyone around.

Informally medical students teach already. We discuss cases with our peers and go over stuff with them for exams on topics we feel confident about.

Sometimes you get the opportunity to teach clinical skills to the first/second years. Which is what I did earlier this week, on the whole it was pretty fun and it was good to see I was getting better for every session I did.

This post is just an opportunity to share an anecdote with you. Twenty odd years ago, or something like that, temperature was generally measured by use of an oral thermometer. Occasionally the tea lady would give all the patients a coffee beforehand. Poor nurse would then report that all the patients have a fever

Enjoy the weekend!

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