Tuesday, 23 November 2010


At school I was taught creationism before being taught about the big bang. I remember opening a science book and learning about how we all really came about. I was a bit miffed by this, I had effectively been lied to by teachers at my primary school who took it on themselves to ignore all scientific evidence in favour of some superstitious nancy pansy.

Religion is bad for children. Today I spoke to a consultant about one case she saw of a child with Austism who was home schooled because her parents were devout christians.

Is this wrong? Kids deserve to be taught stuff backed up by evidence before stuff that isn't.

On a similar theme, another consultant then mentioned how she got in trouble with other parents over santa clause. Her children knew that jolly Nick wasn't really and at christmas they always used to pretend to leave stuff out for him. Is that taking rationalism to far? I dont think so, although I don't think with father christmas its imporant either way, as those kids will still have a wonderful time at christmas.

In other news examsare looming, so expect nothing at all for a bit or a rant at how medical school get people to become very good at passing exams, rather then being doctors.


  1. Could not agree more, but don't tar all home educators with the same brush. Some choose this option specifically to prevent their children being exposed to the religious indoctrination that goes on in schools.

  2. I am not agianst home schooling, for some children it is appropriate, for others its not. On the whole I think children develop best when mixing with kids of there own age and one of the best places for that is school