Saturday, 6 November 2010


If you are asked as to what can cause a particular condition, such as cataracts, the best solution is to say two common causes and then say something obscure. Hopefully said consultant or registrar will have a sense of humour.

Here are mine for causes of cataracts . . .

3)Being struck by lightning


  1. Fantastic! Nursing students get asked these kinds of questions all the time, I'm going to take your approach in hopes a ward sister in close range will have a sense of humor too. Cheers! Got any other obscure causes for a condition you care to share? StoodyNurse x

  2. Pancreatitis is a common one, alcohol and gallstones being the two main causes. Other causes include scorpion/snake venom. One student answered this to a consultant and was then asked what snake. He did not know the answer. So in case this question gets asked to me instead . . . .