Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Comforting and yet Scary

Medical Studentscan be spotted a mile of, usually, as those people onthe ward trying there best to make themselves seem small and insignificant. To be honest this is a good skill to master, it can be useful when you desperately want to avoid being picked on to do something during ward based teaching.

The alternative tactic is to stand out by being really confident. If you look like you know the answer then the teaching fellow/consultant/bored FY1 who is bemused to have four/five/six medical students following him.

Anyway I digress, the point of this post is to highlight two situations showing that I am at least making progress

1)Shadowing a registrar on AMU last week when I was mistaken by an FY2 as the reg, he had assumed that the actual reg was an FY1 shadowing me

2)Mistaken as a GP trainee by one of the nurses

Progress? Am I somehow walking/talking differently to how I did last year?

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  1. I suspect a lot of nurses think that beign a med student can be synonymous with being a GP trainee, ie that you go straight from med school to GP as we "aren't specialists" :-P