Sunday, 6 June 2010

Surviveing an Exam

Exams are looming, one of these is a particularly nasty exam that involves a random discussion with a consultant/registrar about anything of there choice. From what I have gathered this is easier to fail then the MCQ type of exam medical students must also jump through.

Thus tips on how to survive

1) ABCDE, this will get you a mark and if your really stuck then go on an hours discussion explaining what each one means.Downside is a good chance of pissing said examiner off
2) Dont say the first thing that comes into your head, knowing that snake venom can cause pancreatitis is nice, not so good is being asked to name said snake, where it comes from etc
3)"As per BNF guidelines," may work or at the least raise a smile if the examiner has a sense of humour. Easier when asked to say what antibiotics you would use, there are local, national guidelines and a conversation can be furthered by pointing this out
4) Have some structure, anyone can blurt out one or two complications of surgery. Whats more impressive and will get you more marks is to say how you would classify them before you give some examples.

This type of examination is dying out, from what i've gathered its the best way of preparing you for being being an FY1 when your consultant decides to grill you in between patients.


  1. Hope they don't check your spelling!

  2. Indeed, I really need to stop rushing out posts without checking them. Perhaps I also need to pick a style of writing and stick with it.