Monday, 7 June 2010


I try not to put myself under to much pressure, if i do then i am likely to get stress induced headaches. However if i dont put myself under pressure then I am liable to be a lazy bum and do very little.

Currently this evening i have been doing some pharmacology revision, but started off by going over Pulmonary Embolisms. Partly because its quite common and common stuff get tested in exams, uncommon stuff does not, but also because consultant sydrome set in when being asked some fairly routine stuff on it ealier today.

The best teaching is generallly when we clerk someone beforehand and present back to a consultant/whover. This what happened to me today. Perhaps medical students should have no teaching sessions at all, except on how to take a history in the first week of medical school. After six months they could then be taught how to do some basic examinations. Alot of consultants think that medical students shouldn't even consider how to treat stuff until they have spent a significant amount of time taking histories/examining.

First exam is in two weeks. People who know me tell me I'm going to be fine if I just keep at it and cant understand my concer. I wish i had the same confidence in myself that they do in me.

Like alot of my posts this one has no real point to it. I feel that if I took the time to rewrite it, it could be amazing. Instead I have banged this out because I am tired, been on the wards/teaching for eight hours and then done some more work in the evening. I want to sleep but I know that as soon as I go to bed in half an hour that coffee I had at four to keep me awake during teaching will kick in. So instead of going to sleep I shall reluctantly get up and read Bill Bryson


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  1. good luck !!! my exam is in a week !!!
    and about your theory of "Perhaps medical students should have no teaching sessions at all ", that's wot's sorta happening to us in Newcastle ... our main learning sessions are at hospital, and the rest of the learning is up to us, and everything is fine until it gets to the exam time and you realise you dunno what the hell they wanna ask you in the exam !