Wednesday, 16 June 2010

The C and the P's

Causes of Hepatomegaly can be remembered by stuff that works with C, such as cirrhosis, CCF, Cancer and then chronic hepatitis and cysts.

Ascites can be rembered by words that start with P, such as Portal Hypertension, protein loosing states, pancreatitis, pericarditis (constrictive) and something else which I can't post here as I cant read my handwriting on the piece of paper I scrawled it down on.

Hope this post counts for revision. Am going to revise for another half hour and then go for a run

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  1. Good Luck in your exams Fuddled Medic! I have viewed the terrible consequenses of apparent innocent gallstones that led to acute pancreatitis. A most terrible thing resulting in unbelievable (financial) costs to the hospital. I do wonder why gallstones are treated in such a laxidasicle fashion. A few days stay to blast the buggers would appear sensible compared to the long term cost (finacially and in suffering for the patient and their families) instead of the delayed reluctance (ironically for cost) of those that are not medically trained who run our once great NHS at great expense with savings in mind.

    Good Luck again Fuddled Medic!