Sunday, 27 June 2010

A Joke

The neurologist knows everything but does nothing
The surgeon knows nothing but does everything
The psychiatrist knows nothing and does nothing
The pathologist knows everything and does everything, but too late

And now for the punchline . . . . .

And the anesthesiologist sits on a stool all day long and passes gas.

So is this friendly, harmless banter? Or does it undermine different specialities and the patients who come under there care? In a few weeks I will be doing some psychiatry, if I enjoy it then I will probably aim to become a psychiatrist. If this happens I would not be considered a "proper doctor" by a significant proportion of the medical team. Some people consider psychiatric treatment to be quackery, dangerous and generally unhelpful.

Perhaps this says more about us? Perhaps psychiatrists are'nt seen as "proper doctors" as society as a whole does not consider mental illness as a "proper disease."


  1. I hope that you do enjoy your time doing psychiatry. We need more psychiatrists and it would be great if fewer medical students, and other doctors, saw it as quackery. Psychiatrists have made a significant difference to me and I know that I would be spending more time in hospital if it weren't for the excellent support that I get from my present consultant psychiatrist.

  2. Meh, psychiatry, who'd opt for that, eh? ;-)

  3. What about dermatology?
    Dermatology is the art of describing a rash in Latin, and then slapping a bit of Betnovate on it

  4. The general perecption about dermatologists it that there in it for the money

    "Oh dear Mrs Jones, that is a shame about your mole, come and see me privately and we'll see what we can do."

    Dermatologist then laughs madly until they get to the bank.

    Not saying this is true, just saying that its what alot of people think.

    And thank you madsadgirl and the shrink for your comments

  5. Anaesthetists, they're just gas men, aren't they? ;)