Sunday, 25 April 2010

Litter Picks

Previously I have blogged on employment and unemployment previously before. I am revisiting this pattern of though because of a Lord Digby who believes that the unemployed should be made to do litter picks before they can pick up there benefits. Is this a good idea?

Personally I think it is, but I am biased. I have spent my holidays doing various jobs because I needed money. After wiping bottoms in one job and looking after teenagers in another I am constantly annoyed when I hear people saying they can't find work. Am I judging them? Yes, I am wrong to do so and I am annoyed at myself that I am judging people.

But I just cant help but get annoyed. The home I worked at had vacancies that were well advertised in an area of some unemployment. But no one wanted to do it, perhaps they think it is beneath them? I didn't think it was beneath me and I learnt alot from working there.

The other job was only for four week, it was all students who were doing the jobs - this compancy still had vacancies going. It was not advertised exclusively on student websites, I found it on the jobcentre website. But why only students doing it? Are we not all useless bum who do sod all?

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