Thursday, 25 February 2010

The day the Immigrants left

I am a big fan of evan davies, I think he's an absolutely brilliant presenter. I therefore watched his latest program, "The Day the Immigrants Left." It was quite well done and it reaffirmed my view that if people want to live in the UK, then thats brilliant.

This annoyed me though

"I won't do a job that I don't find very interesting," said 26-year-old Lewis, who has been unemployed for five years and was supposed to go to a potato factory. "I do feel a little bit pressurised to get a job, but it's not to the point that I can just take any job that comes."

Am I being harsh at getting annoyed at this guy?


  1. Hello again!

    I don't think your being annoyed is unfounded at all. His attitude epitomises the we're too good to do that nature of a large portion of society today. The amount of times the participants contradicted themselves infuriated me.

    Did you find the bit about the potato-box packers amusing? When they packed 10 not 12 and the guy had every excuse in the world for his inability to count, but never apologised and got back on with it?

    'It's, like, well, we all have days where we can't count. Innit?'


  2. I think at the end of the day it comes down to education. If we had a truly excellent education system then the only choices left to Lewis wouldn't be a) a boring job or b) unemployment.

  3. H - I was disgusted by the people packing potatoes, they should have got to work half an hour early, not half an hour late. I was annoyed that most of the people who were unemployed had better TV's, stereo's, mobile phones etc, then my parents, my aunt etc who have worked all there life

    Grump Biomed - Better education is needed, but at the end of a day we should reward people who decide to do a boring, hard job than no work at all

    Sorry for the late reply to this thread!