Saturday, 17 April 2010

Who to Vote for?

The Fuddled Medic is slightly confused. At the last election things were simply, the FM was not allowed to vote. The FM stilled followed politics and was relatively right wing and wanted a conservative government. That did not happen, if it did the NHS would have been carved up even more and we would have had silly expensive things like the "Patients Passport" idea.

This time the FM can vote and has a postal vote. His vote will be slightly irrelevant as he lives in the countryside and a safe Tory Seat. Do not get me wrong, First pass the post is not perfect but I think its the best out of the lot and does not want to change it.

Anyway, assuming my vote determined who was to win the election? Who should I vote for? I disagree with Labours tendancy to micromanage everything and am appalled at the lack of respect they treat the private sector with. Although not as right wing as a few years ago I do tend towards the idea that the state should leave things alone unless it really, really has to. I have been described as a libertarian in the past, maybe I am.

The Markets are a wonderful thing, but not for everything. This includes the NHS, you simply cannot make money from running and A and E department. The private sector is only interested in simple cases that it can make money for. Unfortunately the conservatives disagree with me, as I now have a "professional" interest in the NHS I am unsure whether or not I can vote for them or not.

I hope I have not made a mistake with this post. I tend to keep my political views to myself (or try to, often failing miserably when provoked over issues like the Iraq war and the Euro), but I hope my dilemma may be of some interest to my half dozen readers


  1. I think you are as disenfranchised in your leafy shire as people are in the metropolitan centres, for a different reason.

    I personally am fed up with big Government, and would welcome proportional representation. The rest of my family disagree with me.

  2. I think you have more than 1/2 a dozen readers - most of us just lurk in the shadows and don't reveal ourselves! :)