Monday, 15 March 2010

Seven hours and fifty minutes

That is a rough indicator of how much sleep I need, if I fall asleep at around eleven I will wake up just before seven. And no I am not worried about loosing my marbles because I dont get exactly eight hours of sleep every night - you only need enough so that you feel refreshed when you wake up. There have been case reports of people who only needed to sleep for two hours a day - it was reported that they felt that most people wasted there lives in bed!

Where is this going? Is this going to be a biology related post? Have'nt done one of them for a while

Nope, this post is because of this.

Should a charity really have to do this? When I was younger my parents told me why sleep was important. Anyway should sleep and the reasons behind it be discussed in biology anyway?

I'm probably going to get shouted down for saying this but surely its down to the students themselves? During the school week if I noticed I was tired I would make sure I went to bed early, is to much to ask of people? You would not be happy if a lecturer or a teacher fell asleep during a lesson - they manage to stay awake

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