Monday, 8 March 2010

Alice in Underland

Saw Tim Burtons Alice in Wonderland last night, a very silly, pointless film that did not pretend to be anything other then entertainment and a bit of fun. Despite thinking to myself this is terrible I could not help but enjoy it

Probably because I enjoy fantasy worlds, being able to escape somewhere new (even if its only for half an hour in doctor who) is good, particulary if your course places heavy demands on you.

Anyhow this brings me on to reading, I particularly enjoyed Harry Potter and also Artemis Fowl. At my Birmingham interview I was asked what book I had last ready and why. I answered truthfully and said Artmeis Fowl. This was followed by bemused/amused looks between the interviewers as I attempted to explain what the book was about!(Magic, Fairy creatures, an evil Pixie and a secret world underneath ours)

Back to the real world, the next hour is going to be a futile attempt trying to teach myself anatomy (again).

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  1. LOL okay I HAVE to ask...what did Birmingham ask after that discussion?

    And - escaping to a fantasy world is, I agree, a great way to relax :)