Friday, 19 March 2010


Our group have now met all three of the consultants who will be giving us teaching over the next six weeks, two are lovely - one is not.

Consultant A did some bedside teaching, this involved 7 of us crowding round a patient-the purpose was to go over assesing the ABCs(D and E) to. This consultant was very nice, telling us there was no such thing as a stupid question and smiling briefly whenever we said something stupid

Consultant B was the complete opposite, he told us the plan for the next two weeks and put the fear of God into us, warning that he would not be to kind if we did not know our anatomy. Our homework is to go away and learn the blood vessels of the body so we can draw them on the whiteboard

Consultant C was lovely, we met him on the ward but we quickly ended up in the Cafe having tea and biscuits. He asked us what we wanted to do (next week abdo examination, next week histoy taking and presenting) and then just talked a bit about his job, when he was a medical student etc

Medical students are often overwhelmed when they start being on wards full time, its kind of nice that most of the consultants seem to appreciate this.

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