Monday, 10 September 2012


Consultant Radiologist 1 - Asked me why I wanted a CTPA. I explained that we wanted to rule out a PE on a patient as he was tachycardic, respiratory rate of 25, desaturations to 85% and had spoke to the med reg who agreed a CTPA was necessary. Agreed to do it.

Consultant Radiologist 2 - Exact same picture as before. Told me that an FY1 should not be requesting CTPAs, shouted a bit, ordered me to speak to the Med Reg and get him to speak to him directly. Resulting in me wasting time getting someone more senior than me to speak with a radiologist to tell them exactly the same as what I did


  1. I've seen this before, with a radiologist abusing a registrar down the phone for making a perfectly reasonable request. Most of them are arseholes.

  2. In the end the medical registrar came (after I had bleeped him) and spoke to him. Taking the Med Reg away from dealing with sick patients

  3. Thanks for the post! Though this is the situation, I have seen some radiology consultants radiology consultants that are friendly as well as care our concerns.