Sunday, 2 September 2012

ECG and orthopaedics

The Fuddled Medic is working (blundering through) as an FY1 in trauma and orthopaedics. This involves conversations like this.

My Consultant - How is the patient?

Me - Well they went into retention last night so we catheterised them. Also there kidney functions don't look so good so I've reviewed and increased there IV fluids and ordered a renal US. They also suffered a morphine overdose on return from theatre, so we reversed this with narloxone and this brought there respiratory rate back up.

My Consultant - I meant, how is the knee I operated on?

Or something along those lines.

I have survived a weekend on call, an evening on call and am cautiously optimistic. On the other hand I have forgotten how to read ECGs and am grateful to the passing Med Reg who kindly agreed to review one for me. As a result this weekend has been spent reading "ECGs made easy."

And as a result of becoming a doctor, I've only gone and joined the National Trust - how middle class can you get


  1. "There" should be "Their"
    Three times.

  2. naloxone? sp.

  3. Agreed - spelling!