Monday, 18 April 2011

Screening and Cake

The Fuddled Medic's Housemate has just shown me this video . . .

Anyway, much appreciated as was the delicious chocolate cake that she baked.

On to screening. Its completely different to most of medicine. Normally people go to see a doctor because they are ill and hopefully we make them better, useing the best available evidence to us.

Whereas with screening we take perfectly health people off the street, subject them to tests, scare the daylights out of them and then state that they may or may not be at increased risk of a disease. Wilson-Junger criteria is used to assess if screening is worthwhile. D

oes screening for Downs Syndrome meet this criteria? I am now not sure. Does a TOP count as treatment?

And are patients explained adequately what the screening involves? Apologies, its a bit old and from the mail but it highlights the point.

And after reading this article am a bit annoyed, is reduced fetal movement a classic sign of Down's syndrome? Bloody hell, pretty sure its a non-specific sign. Hope its not a T/F/A question in an exam.

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  1. Yep. Golden oldie that vid. Good to see it again :-D
    General practice is somewhere in between with chronic disease management. We have people who are ill, we can't cure them, but we screen for complications and give drugs to stop the rot.

    (The Local Health Board's bitch).