Saturday, 16 April 2011


Can you revise effectively whilst listening to music? The FM has been involved in a debate with a friend over the ebst ways of revising. Can you learn whilst listening to Happy Potter on Audiobook. If you have a day off, so no clinics or ward rounds, how many hours of revision can you effectively do in a day? Six, eight, more? Exams are approaching and the Fuddled Medic is get edgy, has she done enough work throughout this term? Will she be dragged to see yet another hysterectomy four days before exams by her consultant? And does anyone know any good revision sites for Obs and Gynae and Paediatrics? Preferably one with lots of MCQs?


  1. I absolutely can't revise while listening to music let alone an audiobook. I learn best on mornings. Usually on a day off I revise around 6, but it depends on feeling. On a good day 8 or even 10 hours is not a problem and on a bad, tired day 5 hours is far too much. I take breaks every couple of hours, go for example running or pour a cup of tea and relx 15 minutes with a magazine or something. Good luck!

  2. I like variety, this week I've been in the silent study area of the library. Yesterday I went to another library and had a lovel afternoon especially as there was a nice view of a field with lots of flowers and trees.

  3. Yes, well at least I can.

    I've spent the last week in the Garden revising with my carefully selected "Study Playlist" on in the background. Mellow music though; Kelly Clarkson (don't judge me!), Bon Iver, acoustic tracks etc... Spotify has been a great asset during my time in Nursing School. Worth the £5 a month to be add-free, too.

    I don't know how I'd fair revision-wise with Knights of Cydonia on full blast in the background though... it must be mellow music!

    Sounds like you enjoyed the view from the library more than the revision itself! Sounds a bit like me, I tend to pick the spot in the library (near a window perhaps) that can at least offer a moderate level of procrastination if needby.

    The best studying tip I ever had was from an F1 on my first placement who said "don't take your phone to the library". I was in the library that evening after my shift and he was right- you focus a hell of a lot more.