Saturday, 2 April 2011


Yesterday the Fuddled Medic saw something that pissed him off. A colleague turned up for a tutorial/lecture signed in and then left after forty minutes despite another hour and a half to go. The FM does not mind if people miss lectures, its up to them how they learn and he can understand why some people thing they get more done spending an hour in the library then an hour falling asleep in a hot lecture room. But the above is dishonest. And its not the first time the above student has done this, indeed one group of medics didn't even realise she was in the group till about half way through the semester. Another colleague reckons this student should be reported to the faculty, indeed signing up for stuff when your not there is considered to be a serious event.


  1. If the student is dishonest now what will will they do when qualified? These people can not be trusted and staff pick up on this very quickly.

  2. Universities always make people jump through the most ridiculous of hoops and I feel that at time medical students are treated like children.

    Forced to sit through the most mundane and ill planned and executed lectures that are so tedious to be of little value.

    Sometimes we are best suited to our own devices.

    Pretending to jump through hoops doesn't make some one a bad person. No need to shop them in for it.

  3. You make a fair point and I have no intention of shopping them in, but the above should be seen in context.

    If they had not turned up and therfore not signed in nobody would have cared.

    But if someone is willing to sign in to say they attended something when they didn't the medical school ( as I understands) wonders what else they would be willing to do, such as forge a signature etc

  4. I suppose it depends on whether their "dishonest" activity is limited to that.

    Our canteen operates somewhat on the basis of trust. All the drinks and sandwiches are placed on a shelf between the queue and the cashier, so when the staff are busy it is extremely easy to nick something. I have seen a few students steal food on several occasions. On the other hand, if food is laid out for a conference all of us just go up and grab a plate, although I try to attend a bit of it if I can...

    It also seems to me that there's a lot of emphasis on signatures. Most of the time doctors just scribble something in the box. You can't tell who or what it says, I have seen consultants telling their SHO/HOs to just make some sort of mark where it says CONSULTANT SIGNATURE: Also most theatres never do the timeout thing properly. The scrub nurse just ticks all the boxes.

  5. A friend mentioned you should apply the "parent" test. If your mum and dad were in hopsital would you be happy for that medical student to become a doctor and treat them in three/four years time.

    I have only done the time out once whilst in theatre and it is a brilliant idea. It meant everyone knew who I was at the start of the theatre list and meant that nobody assumed I was the bloody Reg.

  6. 'The parent test'...depends on the student. If the student who left after forty minutes knew their stuff, and knew how to treat my parents with kindness, then that's all that matters to me, as they'll get the job done. And it's REALLY difficult to judge this based on him/her signing a register then leaving...just IMO...