Saturday, 4 September 2010

Thinkers, Workers and jealousy

According to the latest consultant that I chatted to medical students and doctors can be classified into two categories (although there is some overlap)

The first group is the thinkers, they sailed through A-levels getting three A's by default. They automatically know everything by instinctively picking it up during the day and applying the underlying theory/philosophy.

The second group are the workers, they struggled to get the 3A's and had to work hard. They have an incredible work ethic which they bring to medical school. Nothing comes easy and they have to work throughout the term and still do lots of revision for exams.

The workers are jealous of the thinkers, bloody know it alls who do sod all during the year and still get 90% in exams. Am sure you all know someone like that. Although as I mentioned earlier there is some overlap between the groups. Even the thinkers will at one stage have to sit down and do some work, something which may not come naturally to them.

I am a worker, nothing comes easily and I have to constantly run in order to at least stand still (oxymoron alert).

The enxt part of the conversation turned to people and there personalities. Medical students and doctors either overestimate there abilities which has the potential to cause harm to patients or they underestimate themselves.

Is this a bad thing? If you constantly question your abilities you are likely to always ensure you seek senior help when its required. However you may be struck down by fear and question yourself at the wrong time, when you should have acted straight away?

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