Thursday, 2 September 2010

Careers, Sleep and the Weather

As my lovely readers will be of aware the FM is interested in psychiatry and was seriously considering it as a career. This took a bit of a battering due to the FM feeling drained and tired of dealing with patients with mental health problems and the issues that arose.

My consultant took my arguments on board and then calmly pointed out that I am relatively young, in two or three years times I will deal with emotions differently, I will have more clinical (and life experience) and perhaps I shall be better placed to cope with stuff better.

Maybe, are you a different person when your 23/24 as opposed to 20/21?

The weather in Fuddled Medic land has been hot and sunny. This is good, not so good is being stuck in clinics, sitting in a nice comfy chair and having the patients smiling at you and asking if your ok as you drift in and out of consciousness.

Thankfully the lovely receptionist came riding to the rescue and offered me a cup of coffee. Brilliant, thank you!

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