Monday, 13 September 2010


I sometimes dont know what is more scary, meeting someone who is actually a bad/evil person. Or a good person who genuinely believes in something stupid.


  1. Genuine evil,can only think of two I've met. Found it terrifying,disturbing, avoided meeting them again. Good people who believe in something stupid are plentiful so individually scare me less on a personal level but on a global scale are catastrophic. Just look at most major religeons.....

  2. Do you reserve the same level of disdain for all of your colleagues who continue to prescribe drugs knowing full well that the effect is no better than placebo? Are they idiots too?

  3. I have met a few psychiatrists, all of whom have prescibed SSRI's. Despite the study mentioned, all evidence seems to indicate that they are effective and more than just the placebo effect.