Friday, 13 August 2010

In General

GPs are often portrayed as the last of the generalists, from what I have seen this week I would like to respectfully disagree. Well not disagree entirely but present another job that deals with general medicine.

Decided to do something different yesterday and attend a clinic for members of the older generation. I am yet to learn the Politically Correct way of saying geriatric medicine, apparently this is insulting in some way.

What struck me was how similar it was to being a GP, you never knew what would be next, as opposed to a Respiratory clinic (Ah, another case of obstructrive sleep apnea).

Another similarity was dealing with patients who had multiple problems and then trying to prioritise which problem to deal with first. Unlike the rest of this year, this will be the closest I get to "bread and butter medicine" so its all good revision and I hope to make the most of it.

And in the next post I shall be talking about the current attachment and how I'm getting along in Psychiatry . . . . . . .

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