Saturday, 28 August 2010

The Ashes

Today and Yesterday something magical happened, England are completely battering Pakistan and it is a joy to watch. The FM does a significant amount of work whilst listening to the cricket, usually as Test cricket is sedate and therefore alot of work is done. However today the FM gave up and just watched it for a couple of hours. Absolute joy to watch. And listenening to Mr Swann arguing that he should stay as englands number eight due to his cool headeness, brilliant.

So are we going to win the Ashes? Probably not, hopefully it will be competitive though.

On Monday it is a Bank holiday, which means a three day weekend and more importantly a four day week afterward. The FM has become rather boring and now lives for routine, or more accurately the weekend.

"Did you have a good weekend FM?"

"Yes thank you, I got lots of sleep and had a nice relaxing time."

The FY1 who was talking to laughed and pointed out that by the end of the day I would be feeling terrible and tired and would be counting down to the next weekend. Indeed I was.

Afraid the FM has been suffering from writers block and therefore has nothing constructive to say, as a result this rambling post was born. Maybe the FM should give herself two weeks of from blogging and have a break from it? Maybe, lets hope my imagination and ability to say something sensible returns shortly

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