Thursday, 4 February 2010

Why I dislike Tom Cruise

Whilst watching TV with my housemates I saw Tom Cruise, this made me angry. As a result I started to rant to the bemusement of my housemates. I present a more polished version here

I dislike him because he is a scientologist, an evil organisation that dares to use the word science in its title to give itself some credibility. Anyway the main reason I dislike it is because of its attitudes towards psychiatry. I dont know why this speciality appeals to me, maybe because I am annoyed that the stigma towards mental health is still around.

Tom Cruise (with no science background or education) believes that he know how to cure depression, hence his attacks on brooke Shields for using Paxil. Apparently chemical imbalances in the brain are a myth (they do exist or anti-depressants/anti-epipleptic drugs would not have got through the clinical trial stage)

Why has'nt he been challenged more about this? Every time he goes on TV he should grilled about this issue.

How come Psychiatry is seen as something different to other medical specialities? If I become a cardiologist or infective disease consultant I will not have to worry about cults going around telling everyone that my speciality is a Nazi Science.

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