Saturday, 6 February 2010

Rod of Asclepius; An interesting Idea

My last couples of posts have been either rants, or I've been trying to make a point (to varying degrees of success). So this posting is here just to be different. It is merely a repeat of something one of our lecterers told us.

The medina worm is a well documented human parasite that has no drugs to cure it or vccination to prvent it. The only treatment is to wrap the live worm around a stick (once it emerges from the body) and eventually get it out. This method was used 1500 odd years BC.

According to the lecturer this was an alternative theory as to the origicin of the Rod of Asclepius, the rod represents the treatment used for this parasite. Although its unliley, as in most representations it is obvious that it is a snake wrapped round the rod and not a worm.

When the worm emerges it causes a burning sensation, which some people have claimed could refer to the "fiery serpent," mentioned in the Bible, that were sent to plague the Israelites.

A horrible disease, that affects many people, such as in Sudan. Apparently though its supposed to be the next disease to be eradicated (after smallpox).

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