Friday, 1 July 2011

Tomorrow’s Doctor’s

The GMC published something called tomorrow’s Doctor’s, which tell medical schools what they need to teach us as students. The FM is not really impressed by it as a document; one example is that it only mentions children three times in the entire document. Unfortunately the GMC is the only body that can shut medical schools down and therefore the wants and wishes of other stakeholders in medical education are being ignored or sidelined just to keep the GMC happy.

The Fuddled Medic has noticed that consultants of various different specialties are annoyed that they don’t have time to “sell” there specialities, there passion to students and instead have to teach to a well defined syllabus.

This is a bad thing; it does not prepare students for the “real word” and reflects what is happening in secondary education where students are taught to pass exams to keep Ofsted happy as opposed to allowing teachers to let their passion shine through.


  1. Have reported you to the Apostrophe Protection Society for your flaigrant usage at the end of "Doctors". :-P
    Be sure their giant Panda will pounce in your sleep.... (!)

  2. And while the giant panda is pouncing on you he will also pummell you for the their, there, they're fail.

  3. May need to retrain as a greengrocer!