Sunday, 10 July 2011

Moaning and Monopoly

Monopoly is a board game that either be incredibly dull or incredibly fun, unfortunately you don’t know which one it’s going to be until an hour into the game. It’s also used to describe a situation where somebody or something owns/controls the vast majority of a particular market/substance.

For some reasons Medics seem to think that they have a monopoly on “working hard,” in the mistaken belief that only medical students do any work whilst at Uni. This is partly due to the fact that medics become isolated from other students and get a warped view of themselves. Indeed medics do work hard but the FM knows plenty of engineers who work much harder and give up there holidays to do unpaid internships.

Does it really matter if we have this view of ourselves? Yes, especially as some medics seem to think there better then what they are.

Well we don’t have a monopoly on working and compared to some other students (student nurses/midwifes) we have it pretty easy when it comes to shifts – unlike these professions we don’t have to do weekends or evenings or night shifts.

So why this mini rant? Because it’s an unnecessary wall that we put up between us and everybody else. Sure, we are stressed and we have lots of exams but that’s no reasons to think we’re different to everyone else. Plus it makes us incredibly dull at times. There we go – tenuous link to the start of this post.


  1. Very true, medical students do work hard and as you say so do others but still no excuse for you to have a their, there, they're fail. Again.

    Sorry, but a real bugbear of mine.

  2. Its really depressing to see a new comment and realise its just there to point out a speling mistake. Must make more of an effort next post!

  3. On working hard, I'd have medical students up their with the best of them.

    We might not have to do weekends ( or at least not regularly ) but we do put in some serious hours during the week and that is certainly more than that done by most students.

    Furthermore, we also have our revision to contend with. A veritable ocean of knowledge wherein it is all to easy to sink instead of swim.

    In addition,to top it all off, compared with our nursing and midwifery student colleagues: we receive a marginal and paltry financial aid to help us through these difficult five years.

  4. True we do, but we're not the ony ones.

    And unlike alot of my non medic friends we have a 99.6% chance of getting a job at th end of it

  5. Oh c'mon I was winding you up. I had corrected you a couple of posts ago and you still made the mistakes - I could not resist commenting.

    No nastiness intended and I am sorry if you took offence.

  6. I'm not wound up or offended, I find it quite funny! And as my house mate pointed out in my first comment I have mispelled spelling!

  7. I love you right now. As a student nurse I do get jealous of the medical students not having to do the shift work we are expected to endure while studying and holding down part time jobs.(The NHS bursery isn't that great.)

    But you guys do work hard. The breath and scope of subjects you are expected to know inside out is impressive.

    I think sometimes all healthcare students think they are the only hard working group and we are all guilty of putting up a bit of a wall.

  8. Science boy20/7/11 9:56 pm

    It's very refreshing to see a post like this. I dont think anyone would doubt that medics work very hard but it's true that there are a number of other degree subjects (engineering being a good example) who also put a great deal of work in. I think the majority of students who end up doing very will also work pretty hard.

    Re nurses and their bursary. Anonymous medic - are you honestly complaining about your lack of financial support even though you are virtually guaranteed a high earning potential? It is always a problem when you don't realise how lucky you are.

    So fuddled medic- I applaud your post. There are some lovely medics who somehow manage not to lose the plot and you are clearly one example.

    Nice blog by the way.