Monday, 13 June 2011

Southern Cross

Why is the department of health getting involved? Isn't it a matter for the private sector? Esepcially as the current government loves the private sector so much? The thing with the private sector is that if a business is going to go bust - you let it go bust. That is the nature of competition and capitalism.

Ahh, but this is different, the department of health has to get involved to stop dear old Aunt Muriel find herself on the street wehn Southern Cross goes bankrupt.

Fair enough, but the whole point of the private sector is carrot and stick (failure), it has to have both.

And what happens in the future if private companies running bits and pieces of the NHS goes bankrupt? Do fancy new buildings used for patient care get sold off to pay debts? Do endoscopy lists that take place in a private hospital for NHS patients still get done?

etc etc

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