Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Sift and Services

Like many Medical schools, the one attended by the Fuddled Medic sends students all over the place to different hospitals of different trusts so that we can be trained to become doctors. In theory the teaching provided at hospital A should be the same as those provided by hospitals B, C and D. However this is simply not the case. One hospital provides three hours of teaching on ECGs, the rest provide one hour.

How is this fair?

The Fuddled Medic is aware that students are becoming more “militant” and are demanding better value for money, especially with impending tuition fee rises on the horizon. In the future medical faculties can probably expect a bay of students sitting outside demanding the same level of teaching that their peers receive.

A few weeks ago the FM posted about teaching being cancelled; don’t be surprised if in a year or so medical students turn around and demand that it be rearranged. Indeed colleague of mine would probably have been quite rude and argued that they were being paid to teach and therefore cancelled teaching due to bank holidays was simply not good enough.

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  1. But how does the FM feel about this? She has commmented on this possible shift in medical students in the next year or two but hasn't commented on how she feels about it. I for one, if I was paying 9k a year minimum for tutition that is, would demand better teaching... even the best colleges can do better. I'm constantly being fobbed off with "lecture cancelled 'cause the projecter isn't working" and all the other BS excuses, but unfortunatly the NHS pays Nursing tutition so the ball is in their court (though if I could pay my own tuition, I'd jump at the chance).