Wednesday, 6 October 2010


What makes a good clinic?

Finishing on time and having consultants/registrars who are willing to chat/teach comes close. But the clincher is having a cup of tea or coffee made for you by one of the nurses.

Thank you!


  1. There was a time when we always used to have a break for a cup of tea. This gave time to teach the students and discuss difficult cases. That stopped a long time ago in the Grumble hospital. Only today I have had an email asking me if I can see the clinic patient's more quickly so that the clinic nurse doesn't have to work through her lunch break. There is certainly no time for a tea break.

    It is actually a real shame because teaching and discussing cases is important. There just is sometimes no time these days. And if there is no time to teach the students there is no point in having students in the clinic. So I no longer do. Which is bad. Very bad.

  2. It is important to discuss cases, sometimes I go to clinic and the consultants are apologetic, even ashamed that they dont really have time to teach. Sometimes though, students (if they are good) can be put to work. I have sometimes taken a history of one patient whilst the doc is seeing another. Then I can quickly summarise the case to him/her and they can ask the questionsI have forgotten if needed.

    Although I am very aware that if I do a poor job (and I often do when presented with stuff I am unsure of) I can hold up the clinic significantly