Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Teaching and Politics

Teaching session involved the FM presenting a patient she had clerked to a consultant. It was a relatively simple case. As a result people got easily sidetracked and the meeting descending in a spirited debate about the role of the private sector in the NHS. The consultant looked bemused and when someone apologised for the fact that our firm were now engaged in a passionate discussion he replied that it was good we were doing this. In his view medical students did not get enough time or encouragement to discuss how they wanted healthcare to be provided. Should it be the case that a few seminars/tutorials be held so that we can discuss all of this? As he said we’re the ones who are going to have to work in whatever system for the next forty odd years


  1. Hello and welcome to the blogsphere!

    I think private practice isn't a simple it's good/it's bad discussion. Some specialities can provide excellent timely Consultant delivered care through private work. Some can't, with private practice being at best a small part/adjunct and at worst an unhelpful isolated bit of clinical activity that's disjoined from the rest of the patient's coherent care.

    I waffled on about private practice in psychiatry before, and also about teaching, so won't spam your comments further.

    Hope the studies and blogging go well!

  2. Hello
    Thanks for the comment, I have read the posts that you linked here. Also given a chance to discover your blog

    I really dont know what to think of private medicine, although i am off the view that it does undermine the NHS