Thursday, 21 January 2010


I have a few days off before I start working again, which means I have been able to go into town and buy some books. Having read several bill Bryson books (Notes from a small country, a walk in a woods) I brought two more – one about his travels to Australia, the other to Europe. I also purchase More Blood, More Sweat and another cup of tea by Tom Reynolds, a book describing life as an ambulance driver in London.

Despite only being 100 odd pages into the book I am a bit depressed at how nasty some people can be. Already people have put graffiti on an ambulance and stolen another’s sat nav. Other depressing bits mentioned how much time is wasted due to idiots consuming to much alcohol.

Its a good book and it does have some funny and heart-warming bits in. Although I will be happier when I’ve finished it and can move on to Bill Bryson, simply because it’s an easier read and it’ll be more relaxing.

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