Sunday, 23 December 2012

Thank you...

to all the nursing staff who

1)didn't bleep me to come and prescribe paracetamol when it was already prescribed PRN
2)looked at all the drug charts to see if the fluids had been prescribed there before bleeping the Fuddled Medic
3)wondered if the FM had gone into AKI during her shift and made her a cup of tea
4)had an ECG done, taken some bloods whilst the FM was on her way to see the patient with chest pain
5)didn't get annoyed when the FM asked why a patient needed fluids or when she took five minutes to look at the U&Es
6)who bleeped the cannula nurse instead of me (as opposed to the FM asking down the phone if they had bleeped the cannula nurse)
7)who thought my request to await for a patients INR to come back before I prescribed warfarin was reasonable, as opposed to me "being funny."

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