Thursday, 24 May 2012


According to this from the BBC News website if your child is born by  Normal Vagina Delivery there less likely to become fat. Problem is that a risk factor for needing a C section is a big baby, diabetic mother etc, which are also risk factors for having an obese child.

The only true way to find out if having a C section would be a risk of causing obesity in itself would be to conduct a randomised controlled trial. Get one thousand pregnant women and randomly allocate them to NVD or to C section. Then follow up the kids in ten years time and see if they are fat or not.

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  1. Anybody takes bbc 100% seriously?

    You don't need trials, take records from private clinics where they perform c-sections on demand, then trace children in nhs databases. Bbc usually makes me cry; nhs doesn't do c-sections on demand, perhaps they do for private patients.