Friday, 17 February 2012


This blog post is going to be a rant post, so if yor expecting a post about the FM enjoying playing with kittens whilst awaiting his doom in the upcoming OSCE, sorry.

The FM has found out what jobs she will be doing, she is not a happy Bunny. No Paediatric jobs, and working in a hospital three hours from home and miles away from all her friends.

The FM spent time on the wards learning HOW TO BE A DOCTOR! Learning how to take bloods, cannulate, do shitty bits of paper work etc. She should not have bothered, instead she should have spent her time in the library learning how to pass exams well.

Perhaps if she had did this she would have got six more MTAS points which would have been a significant help.

The FM mood is not helped when she see's people who are arrogant wankers wo cant cannulate for shit and upset patients, declaring they've got there dream jobs.

Apologies for the RANT but the FM is feeling quite bitter and pissed off. But these feelings will pass


  1. Understand your dissatisfaction. In my life and career I too have found myself in places I would not have chosen to be. But. You meet new people, you make new friends and one day you will look back on even the worst of you experiences and view them simply as steps to where you eventually arrive. Make the best of your situation and you will be surprised at how much you will get out of it.

  2. Thank you, indeed I have looked into where I am going to work, there are a few nice gyms near by. Hopefully I will meet new friends and people.

    My plan is to throw myself into work (and play) and see what comes up

  3. I agree with DZ. Life is unfair (so is sickness often). Think of it as a new adventure, you will get out how much you put in. Even travelling - one of my vivid memories is making two hour travel home every weekend but one Sunday night, returned to hospital walked into doctors mess (we all lived above it in those days, it was about 20 years ago) and finding a weeping nurse wearing nothing but a white coat. Interesting life experiences are lying ahead of you! I love your writing, thank you