Thursday, 26 January 2012


One thing about finals fast coming up is that people's true personalies tend to shine through. Medics are notoriously competitive and in a significant proportion of cases just plain nasty.

Wards are full of interesting patiens with aortic stenosis ad interstital lung disease causing fine inspiratory crackles. And there are some students who after finding these patients will tell everyone else so they can benefit. And there are those who will keep it to themeselves.

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  1. Good Lord, finals. Just mentioning that loosens my bowels again, and I'm all out of loperamide. Thanks a lot, FM.*

    Seriously though, all the best! I just passed mine - you'll do fine! (Hey that rhymes. Why am I not being paid for this?)

    *BONUS FINALS REVISION QUESTION: what else could you give me for diarrhoea other than loperamide? No cheating now, get that OHCM outta my house.