Friday, 4 November 2011


..Ben Goldacre for pointing this out to the FM. Can someone please give a definition of the term "temporary dementia." Perhaps it refers to when the FM has had alot to drink (in her case just three pints will do)?


  1. There are numerous givaways to the value of this report. Firstly it is published in the Daily Mail, and the default position with the Mail is that anything it publishes will be bollocks until proven otherwise. Secondly the title of the neurologist. A practitioner with the prefix Dr, Mr, or Prof can be afforded initial respect. One with a title such as Lord, Sir, Baroness etc can be assumed to be an arse licking, conceited, career power chasing fuckwit with psychopathic personality traits, until proven otherwise.

  2. Blimey.

    In the last decade I've assessed uncountable numbers of folk for dementia. I've diagnosed dementia from folk in their 20's upwards.

    Never have I diagnosed dementia arising from computers' use.

    Does this justify eschewing endless hours of compter use at work? Mmmmm!

    As to temporary dementia, that's a most interesting notion that I shall entertain as an entity with validity comparable to that of tooth fairies and the Easter bunny.