Thursday, 27 October 2011

Oh Dear

I'm afraid to say I've seen most of what Lily desribes over in Scrubs and Pubs. I have already blogged about the high proportion of unpleasant people within medicine and now I'm going to have to etend this to medical students to.

Indeed I have heard quite a few of my colleagues criticising FY1 for "only" being a year ahead of them. A year is a long time, particularly when the FM looks back on where she was last year. Plus we have not passed finals.

So why are we like this?

Is it because some of us were forced into medicine by pushy parents and various private schools?

Or because people came into medicine just wanting money? A very silly thing to do, there are far easier ways. But as mentioned before the FM gets annoyed and upset when hearing people boast about how much private work they want to do.

But a friend summarised it to me best, medical students quickly forget how lucky they are to be here in the first place

Rant over

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