Sunday, 11 September 2011

Radio 4

The Fuddled Medic likes Radio 4, in particular she likes listening to some of the comedy programs whilst doing some work. Yesterday she started to to learn/revise about gout and other interesting things whilst listening to the News quiz. Other gems include Just a minute and Test match special.

Whilst listening to the News quiz the NHS bill came up for discussion/mocking. One of the panellist issued a challeng to anyone from a private health company.

Go to Accident and Emergency at three o clock in the morning and volunteer to do a better job

1 comment:

  1. Give me a couple of hours a week during the week and I can improve any A&E using the same resources. Better processes and more efficient use of resources are not normally worked out at 3am. BTY If you have a good idea to improve things in your A&E how likely is your senior consultant to thank you? Or is he likely to regard you as a jumped up trouble maker? Would you ever dare make such a suggestion?
    In the private sector you get lauded and promoted for coming up with good ideas. Senoir management in well run companies actively encourage staff
    at all levels to come up with new ideas.